To sensitize residents of Koramangala 7th block about waste segregation Saahas organized a campaign on 20th July, 2013. This was organized with the help of students and teachers of Neena Education Society, volunteers and members of team Saahas. Rain played a major role in throwing the plan for a toss but the energy and enthusiasm of children kept the campaign going after it stopped raining.

The  students and the volunteers took out a procession on 80 feet road and on Hosur road carrying signs encouraging action for a cleaner Bengaluru. After reaching the residential part of Koramangala 7th block, students separated into smaller groups and went door to door requesting citizens to segregate waste and providing information on the importance segregation plays.

Prior to the event, students were sensitized and educated about various aspects of waste through an interactive session held on 10th July, 2013. Students were shown a short animated video on problems associated with improper handling of waste. There was a quiz competition with focus on waste management. They were also shown  products made from so called waste. The children participated actively and realized the importance of proper handling of waste and waste segregation.

If you’d like to volunteer in our future events please register as a volunteer with us. You can send an email to and we will send you a volunteer sign-up form.


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