Lalbagh : Pride of Bangalore, Shame on us citizens

ImageLalbagh, right in the heart of the city, is one landmark that all Benglureans connect with.

The flower show held twice a year brings in the crowds , all of whom appreciate the flowers and the beauty of Lalbagh

BUT … this is what they leave behind. Litter, litter and more litter. The litter is everywhere- on the grass, on the rocks, in corners and crevices.

It’s a shame to say the least.

For the last 5 years, Saahas in association with the Horticultural Department has worked both at the front end  (awareness and  public out reach) and back end (sorting, segregation and recycling) ) to manage the waste that is generated through this big event.

This year as well we were there on four days 10,11,14 and 15. The story however was the same.


Take a look at our list of  pain points.

  • Very little co-operation ,interest and responsible behavior by a large fraction of visitors
  • Visitors are unwilling to understand segregation of waste and comply with the use of bins appropriately
  • Lalbagh authorities too are unwilling to provide adequate support to collection of segregated waste
  • Lalbagh authorities need to build capacities within their team to manage the secondary sorting and recycling of waste

As Bangalore struggles with waste and its management, it would be good to atleast ensure important landmark areas like Lalbagh and even Cubbon Park become the starting point for waste management in the city.


Do you think you would like to get more involved?? If yes do write in to us . Lets work together to bring some change.

We have six months until January  26, 2014 . Lets measure our success by the change we see at the next flower show held during Republic Day.



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