Go Green with Tetra Pak!

Reliance Stores in South Bangalore launched the “Go Green with Tetra Pak” initiative as drop centers for used Tetra Pak cartons. Team Saahas spent considerable time interacting with customers in each store to make them aware about the initiative which Reliance, Tetra Pak Co. and Saahas had taken up to keep the environment clean and green. On their part Tetra Pak India has committed to donating school desks made from the recycled cartons to needy schools to help build a child’s future. One desk will be donated for every 4500 cartons collected.

To promote & motivate, Saahas has taken the initiative to organize monthly events with Reliance stores for staff and customers.  Customers and staff enjoy the very informative and entertaining street play. Its like what we can do with the used Tetra Pak Cartons. How it helps to raise awareness about Tetra Pak recycling. Apart from the street play there were interactive activities for the staff of Reliance stores and customers.

  • Dumb charades – (Staff) it’s like a mime show. Let a member pick a paper from the bowl that they have. One person come forward and read the content in the paper. He/she should make their team members understand what is there in the paper via actions alone.
  •  Hunt – Hide a piece of recycled products somewhere in the hall and let them find it.


The response of the staff was very encouraging and lot of them won notebooks made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons for giving correct answers to quiz questions. In the same way we received a good response from the customers despite their busy schedule.

Conclusion: Go Green with Tetra Pak aims to spread awareness about the drop centers available at Reliance for Tetra Pak cartons that you want recycled.

by Sunitha

How do you think we can improve our awareness initiatives? Leave your comments below!


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