Responsible Recycling of e-Waste in Schools – A Saahas- EMC2 Initiative.

With the objective of creating awareness and motivating action among children, Saahas along with EMC2 launched the e-Waste programme for school children at the Delhi Public School Yelahanka on 21st November 2013. As part of this programme, Saahas seeks to reach out to schools across Bangalore and introduce them to the concept of effective e-Waste management.
Saahas conducted an interactive awareness programme for the staff and students of the school to help them understand the significance and need to manage and recycle e-Waste. It was an exhaustive session with curious students wanting to know the need for change in their practise of management of waste.Enthusiastic students eager to spread awareness on e-waste management

Enthusiastic students eager to know more about e-waste management

As part of the project, an e-Waste box has been provided at the school for the collection and storage of e-Waste. Students and teachers can deposit the e-Waste generated within the campus and in their homes in this box. People from neighbouring areas can also deposit their e-Waste here with permission from the school. Saahas will collect the e-Waste from the school on a quarterly basis and send it to authorised recycling units.
With Saahas providing a platform for the collection of e-Waste, the school, its staff, students as well as the neighbourhood stand to benefit.
To ensure that project becomes sustainable, teachers along with volunteers of Saahas and C.M.C.A will carry out similar sessions on a regular basis for students and encourage them to make use of the e-Waste box. They will also monitor and manage the e-Waste collection process within the school premises.
It has been an encouraging start and we aspire to make responsible e-Waste collection a way of life for the students of Bangalore.

Mallikarjun Alagundgi


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