Flies at your compost pit? We have a solution.

“I’d love to compost at home…but it is such a mess…so many flies, little insects….and I do not want any of these ….that is why I do not bother…”

Flies and the presence of little insects are a huge deterrent to many of us who would like to compost organic waste at home. We at Saahas have a simple solution to this – dried cow dung.



All you need to do is take a cake of cow dung, break it into 3-4 pieces. Place these pieces on the compost pit and surrounding areas and use a candle to light them. The result is almost immediate. The smoke emitted from this keeps flies away. The smoke as well as cow dung ash are believed to have anti-bacterial properties and are traditionally used in rural India.

We learnt this technique from one of our supervisors Shivarajamma who works at the Organic Waste Converter (OWC) at one of our client sites.

A few months ago, the OWC here was full of flies. Shivarajamma decided to go the traditional way to solve this issue. She first cleaned the entire area and at the end of the day used the dried cow dung she had got on a recent trip to her village. She placed 4 cakes of cow dung in different parts of the room and lit them. Once the flame was doused, she locked the premises and left for the day.

The next morning she was happy to find most of the flies gone. Within a week, the place was completely cleared of the flies. Now she uses these cow dung cakes once a week to ensure that the flies do not come back.

A wonderful lesson learnt from a simple elderly lady who epitomises the spirit of Saahas.


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