Colour Coded Bins – Simplifying Waste Management

“We gave our residents a green bin for wet waste and a red one for rejects” states a member of the waste management committee at one of our client sites. It is often practical solutions like this that ease the process of waste management in most communities.

The gaps between planning and execution are made evident in the first few weeks of the implementation of the waste management programme in any set up. Typically many residents are a little confused about the segregation process and despite best intentions waste does get mixed. Similarly during the collection process, the housekeeping staff is unsure about what waste goes where resulting in the mixing up of different types of waste.

Colour coding of bins helps both in the process of segregation and in the collection of waste. Residents are made aware that all organic or biodegradable waste goes into the green bin, rejects into the red bin and all other dry waste collected in the bin the family has already been using.

Even children, elderly people and semi-literate people are able to associate the nature of waste with the given colour and dispose it accordingly.

Similarly colour coding helps save time in the waste collection process. The house keeping staff does not have to verify the contents of each bin before emptying its contents in the appropriate bag/bin. All the waste in the green bins is deposited in the common bin for organic waste and contents of red bins in the common bin for rejects. Also the dry waste is collected in the appropriate common bin.
href=””>Colour Coded Bins Colour Coded Bins[/caption]

A green bin for organic waste
A green bin for organic waste

Some apartment complexes choose to have relevant colour stickers prominently displayed on bins. The idea remains the same. One look at the bin should be sufficient to indicate the contents of the bin.


One thought on “Colour Coded Bins – Simplifying Waste Management

  1. Colour coding of bins truly simplifies waste management. In today’s urban setting, different types of waste is generated and sorting them out this way works well. Companies like Everything Rubbish often employ innovative trash management techniques in their work.

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