Otter This is a picture shot at the “Creatures of the Night”, a daily show presented at the Night Safari Singapore. Here an otter, teaches audiences from across the world, the basics of waste segregation. In a nation where land is scarce, and tourism a major industry, it is important that waste management is always in the limelight. Hence every major show in the city discusses waste. The focus here is not merely on keeping the surrounding clean but on managing waste. It is interesting to note that both citizens and tourists are made aware of how a little effort on their part can make a big difference to the planet. At the ‘Creatures of the Night” show, the presenter announced that the homes of many of these creatures who had just performed for us was fast disappearing. In order to protect their home, the rainforests of the world, she said, “We will have to follow the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. She then litters the stage with some soft drink tins, crumpled paper, straws and empty chips packets. 3 bins are placed next to this litter. An otter comes on stage and puts the tin cans into the first bin, plastics and paper into another and other materials into the third bin. She tells the audience, “If an otter can do it, so can we. Let us preserve the rainforests for our children.” The strong message is sent across to a large audience comprising citizens from all over the world. India too needs to adopt such approaches to become a more attractive destination.


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