The Environmental ‘Prize’ of Responsible Recycling of e-waste


Your first mobile phone, once a prized possession is outdated today.
The ‘baby laptop’ you got for your infant sister and she has outgrown it now.
Wires and cords stacked up in your loft and nobody is sure what they were meant for.
The gaming console that does not work anymore.
The old PC, cordless phones, speakers, faulty music systems, chargers of cameras and mobile phones, CD’s, pen-drives, used batteries and so much more.
All of this as well as other electronic items that can no longer be used constitute e-waste.

e-Waste is safe as long as it lies in the confines of our homes and offices. But when dismantled for recycling, it can turn toxic. Hence it is important that we ensure that the e-waste we generate in our daily lives is disposed in a safe manner. As per the e-waste Management Rules 2014, all e-waste must be dropped in specified collection centres from where it is taken to authorised recyclers.
Saahas has several e-waste collection centres across Bangalore where citizens are welcome to drop their e-waste. However many Bangalore residents do not have access to an e-waste collection centre near their homes. As a result the e-waste they generate is given to scrap dealers for a ‘price’. the scrap dealers then take it to the informal sector for recycling.
Nearly 95% of the e-waste generated in India is recycled by the informal sector. The sector employs children and use crude methods to extract metals from e-waste. This process pollutes the environment and causes serious health problems to those employed in the sector.
In an effort to channel e-waste from households via schools, Saahas along with EMC2 launched “Responsible Recycling of e-Waste” program on 17th July 2014. Over 100 schools from across Bangalore will participate in this program. The idea behind this is to reach out to students, parents and teachers to encourage responsible recycling of e-waste.
As more schools get involved in this initiative, we believe that residents of several localities in Bangalore will have access to an e-waste collection centre near their homes.
Interactive awareness programmes will be conducted in the participating schools. We will also screen documentaries on various aspects of e-waste management and clarify any doubts or queries pertaining to the subject.

(Watch Saahas’s video on e-waste Mental and Environmental: Responsible Recycling of e-waste at: )
Each school will be provided an e-waste collection bin. Teachers and students will be encouraged to deposit e-waste from their homes and neighbourhoods in these bins. Saahas will collect the e-waste from these bins and send them to authorised recyclers for safe recycling.

For those concerned about school children carrying e-waste to school, we would like to emphasise that e-waste that has not been dismantled is safe. In the case of larger items like PC monitors, or objects that may have glass, we request accompany the children and deposit these in the bin provided.
Through this program Saahas and EMC2 would like to see that e-waste from the household sector goes to authorised recyclers. While there is no monetary compensation for the e-waste deposited in these bins, all those participating in this initiative are eco-warriors doing their bit for the environment.

You can drop your e-waste at any of these centres listed below.

e-waste collection


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