Our Vision for Bangalore

When waste is managed at source it becomes a resource. At this stage there is no garbage to be disposed only resources to be recovered which come back into our living spaces

How does a city like Bengaluru actually demonstrate this on the ground?

A typical ward generates around 15 tonnes of waste per day. This waste would come from door to door collection from single households and small shops and establishments. These generators are distinct from the bulk waste generators (large apartments, offices, tech-parks, malls, schools and marriage halls).

On the other hand all bulk waste generators who collectively generate 100-1 tonne of waste per day as per the new policy have to manage all their organic and dry waste onsite.

This model has been well demonstrated by Saahas over the last five years. Our social enterprise, Saahas Waste Management Pvt Ltd provides end to end onsite waste management services to bulk waste generators.

On the other hand we manage community waste management centers called Kasa Rasa which act as a destination for wet and dry waste coming from non bulk waste generators.

So far our Kasa Rasa centers have been working as demonstration units each with a capacity to manage 1.5 tonnes per day.

What remains to be done is to therefore expand the capacity to touch 15-20 tonnes per day.

This will then act as a hub and spoke model. Kasa Rasa centers being the hub for all processing of waste from smaller generators while each bulk waste generators will act as a spoke. As a hub Kasa Rasa can also support the spokes by managing difficult waste streams like CFLs and sanitary waste.

So what is Bangalore saying about this model? We would like to hear from you on the challenges that we need to watch out for. Do send us your feedback at  response@saahas.org


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