Introducing ‘Responsible Recycling of e-Waste’ with Storipur

On Nov 25th, the high school students of The Valley School had a unique story to hear. A “sell phone” gave them an interesting peek into its life, right from “birth” till its end. Priya from “Storipur” was the “phone” and in an uncommon but engaging script caught the children’s imagination. She narrated the story of a cell phone and it’s short journey from being loved by the owner to being discarded and recycled in a careless manner.



As part of the launch of our e-Waste programs in schools, Priya not only entertained the children and the staff of The Valley school through the story but also managed to give the useful message of how e-Waste creation and it’s recycling(in informal sector) is harming the humans and the environment.

Based on the response of the High School, the School faculty requested for a repeat session for the middle school and indeed the response from the middle school kids was very encouraging.”


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