BBMP Budget Allocates Rs.415 Crores for Waste Management: Our View on this Budget

Newspapers over the last week have reported that the Karnataka government has allocated

Rs 415 crores  towards waste management in Bengaluru.

Last year the allocation was Rs 100 crores. This is a significant increase over the last year.

As an organization working with waste in Bengaluru for the last 14 years, we welcome the increase in budget allocation

The question is will this   money be efficiently utilsed?

Initial reports indicate that the money will be partly used for setting up 12 Bio gas plants. Waste to Energy for mixed waste is also mentioned.

Saahas has been working with decentralized models in Bengaluru for the last 14 years.

We therefore fully endorse the plan to invest in infrastructure including bio gas plants that will process wet/organic waste within our respective wards. There are however 2 main concerns which we would like to flag off

Concern #1 that all processing centers need to have a regular flow of segregated waste. Is the BBMP therefore ready to walk the talk and seriously implement segregation at source followed closely by collection of segregated waste which will then find its way to our collection center.

neighbourhood-3Door to Door Collection of Segregated Waste

Concern No 2 is related to the choice of  technology in setting up the bio gas plants as also the day to day operations.  This is extremely critical. Across the country bio gas plants have not been running efficiently because the technology used was not appropriate. The tendering process must address this. Only companies with a credible record which shows that they have working systems which address both the technology and the operations should be allowed to participate in the tender.

Wilma Rodrigues,




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