An e-waste Collection Drive by Brigade Classic Apartment

Be the Change You Want to See In the World

Mr.Nanda Ramesh, a resident of Brigade Classic Apartments in Basavangudi, Bangalore realised that he did not want to keep putting away simple tasks that can make a huge impact to the world. He understood the need for safe recycling of e-waste and helped organise an e-waste collection drive in his apartment complex.

Brigade Classic

He says, ” last month we finally made the call to Saahas to get it going for our apartment complex, Brigade Classic. Organizing it was as easy as it can be. A date was fixed after discussing with Saahas. Email was sent to the residents. Residents dropped off the E-waste at our collection areas over the weekend. Saahas collectors came by on the prescribed day and took it all away.

Effort required? Very little.
Effect on environment? Enormous.”

About a 100 kgs of e-waste was collected from Brigade Classic. This included  batteries, CD’s and other old or obsolete electronic items.Nanda ramesh

As Mr.Ramesh says, “these are things that we keep around the house procrastinating on when to dispose them as we do  want to do it the proper way. Eventually, we give up and in a moment of weakness just dump it off with trash knowing full well that what we are doing is wrong and will have harmfull effects. Well, this time we avoided that. Hope others will too!”

If you would like to be a doer like Mr.Ramesh and his team of resident volunteers, do get in touch with Saahas. Together we can ensure that the e-waste from your homes and offices is collected and sent to authorised recyclers for safe recycling.


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