Saying No to Landfills: Bangalorean Stores Dry Waste for 6 Months

Saahas is proud to introduce Sharad Jain, a Bangalorean who believes that waste is a resource that must be managed efficiently.Sharad Jain depositing his 6 months collection of dry waste with Saahas .

Sharad runs an alternative school in Bangalore called Shibumi.

Like many of us Sharad hates to see waste strewn on the streets. He feels that the least he can do is to ensure that his waste goes into the recycling loop rather than end up in a landfill.
Recently he brought 2 large bags and dropped them in our collection point at the Saahas office.
This was the segregated dry waste that he had collected for 6 months.
He wanted to ensure that the dry waste he generated was recycled. So for 6 months, he collected all his recyclable dry waste and finally handed it over to Saahas for recycling.

Besides ensuring that the waste he generates is recycled, Sharad has a lesson for all of us. It is possible to store  recyclable waste within our homes and hand it over for recycling whenever convenient. Doing so we can ensure better utilization of  natural resources and do our bit for the environment.



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