Creating a Positive Environment for the Responsible Recycling of e-Waste

In India 95% of e-Waste is recycled by the informal sector who are unauthorised recyclers. 

Unauthorised recyclers are not mindful of the toxic material embedded in e-Waste. Their priority is to retrieve copper and other metals which have a very high scrap value. In the process heavy metals present in some of the components leach out and enter into our groundwater and soil

How do these recyclers get this material?

They purchase it from small, medium and even large scrap dealers.

 In turn these scrap dealers buy large quantities of e-Waste from corporate offices, showrooms and households who prefer to sell their e-Waste or exchange it for a new product. Both these options leads to unauthorised recycling

 Today, the legislation in India clearly states that all stakeholders are expected to ensure that the waste they generated flows only to authorised recyclers.ewaste recyc

For the last one year, Saahas has been working to channel all e-Waste into responsible recycling.

 On 7th May, 2015, we held a capacity building workshop for scrap vendors from the informal sector. As part of this continued effort, Saahas held this workshop with participants coming from different locations like, Mangnapaldya, RT Nagar, Bilekahaali, Thimmaya road, Jolly Mohalla, and Gandhi Bazar.

Participants at the Workshop
Participants at the Workshop

The focus of our interaction was on the steps they could take to avoid mishandling of e-Waste which could result in health hazards or harm the environment.

Saahas also encouraged them to take appropriate steps to become part of a system that ensures safe recycling of e-waste.

The response of the participants was very encouraging. They expressed their eagerness to collaborate with us to work towards responsible recycling of e-waste


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