Taking Responsibility for the Waste We Generate….

Introducing Nerissa D’Sourza – A Responsible Citizen and Winner of the Saahas Social Media Quiz (Week 4)


Nerissa says that “the problem of waste management in Bangalore is evident from waste seen in corners on the bylanes and empty plots around Bangalore, which are burnt periodically. We are creating more problems for Bangalore this way.

My impression is there are multiple levels between people who collect waste at our houses and the “authorities”.  It would be inhuman to ask the people who collect “mixed” waste from our house to separate it. We have to segregate waste at source, before we hold anyone   responsible! ”

Nerissa strongly feels that we as individuals can make a difference to our city and society with our consumption patterns and attitudes towards waste manage. We must be accountable for the waste we generate. The first step towards this she says is reducing waste generation followed by segregation at source.

Nerissa carries cloth bags for shopping. She explains saying, “I have them everywhere – at home, in my purse and even in my car. So I am never without a bag!”

A firm believer in segregation at source, she says, “I segregate as much as I can. I even separate the paper from the plastics.”

Nerissa composts kitchen waste at home. There is a corner in her balcony dedicated for the compost khamba. The compost generated is used for the plants in her home.

All the newspapers, plastic and glass bottles are handed over to the ‘raddiwala’ or scrap dealer.

While Nerissa deposits all the other segregated paper and plastic waste at the DWCC in Hennur, she is rather sceptical of what happens to it there. “It (The DWCC) is adjacent to a culvert and I can see waste piling up all around”, she says.

Saahas agrees with Nerissa. We as individuals and communities must come together to take ownership of the waste we generate and segregate waste at source.


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