Changing Attitudes on Composting : From ‘Yuck!’ to ‘WOW”

“Are you serious… is this a resource?” asked a young student when we showed them the tank composting unit during the Open House session at Kasa Rasa. The first reaction of most children is ‘yuck’. The do not like the sight of layered food waste and dry leaves in the compost tank.

Aerobic Composting - Tank System

As we explain the process – the use of the OWC machine, leaf shredder, the system of draining out leachate, maintaining the carbon-nitrogen ratio, moisture levels and the need to control the temperature, they are intrigued.

Another student asked us, “will this actually start to look like mud in a month?”

We showed him a pile of compost and the children were excited. While some of them are often reluctant to touch it, they soon get over it.


It is interesting to watch the students all excited and tell each other, “ Wow! it looks and even smells like mud!”

For us as Saahas, it brings a sense of satisfaction – the satisfaction of convincing young minds that waste is not ‘yuck’ but ‘Wow’.  Managed efficiently it becomes a valuable resource.


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