A DD Chandana Program Had Him Thinking About Waste Management and Recycling….

Sundaresh, a resident of Gubbi Taluk near Tumkur was fascinated to learn about waste management and recycling when he saw a program featuring Saahas on Doordarshan Chandana on 5th August 2015.

Saahas on DD Chandana
Saahas on DD Chandana

Yesterday, 6th August, he travelled 90 kms to visit our office and learn more about recycling our recycled products.

We at Saahas were thrilled to have this unexpected visitor at our premises.



“I was impressed and happy to learn that paper and books could be made from the paper we discard as waste”, he said. This retired network marketing professional is keen to try out the various recycled products offered by Saahas and then promote it in his area. He plans to use the roofing sheets made from Tetra Pak for a small portion in his house. He feels that recycled paper products could be ideal gifts for children and could also help create awareness on the need for waste management and recycling.

Sundaresh told us that despite all the talk about ‘Swachh Bharat’, there has been little change at the ground level. People in his taluk, he said did not follow waste segregation and the use of plastic bags and bottles remains extremely popular. All the plastic, he said found its way into vacant spaces and waterbodies in the area.

Waste segregation at source, he realizes is a significant aspect of waste management. “I am so happy to see Saahas doing so much to create awareness on segregation,” he said.

Changing people’s perceptions and attitudes, Sundaresh believes is the biggest challenge in implementing waste management practices.

Recycled products, he feels could help create awareness and curiosity on the concept of waste as a resource. He plans to educate people in his area by showing them these products and telling them that simple practices like segregation could help them recover resources from waste.


As he left, Sundaresh had a word of advice for Saahas. “How many people in the state know English?” he asked us and said, “If you really want to make a big impact, focus on reaching out to local people in the local language!”


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