An e-Waste Collection Drive at Esteem Royal Apartment

In an e-waste collection drive organized by saahas on 11th July 2015, the residents of Esteem Royal Apartment in Koramangala collected 76 kgs of e-waste and handed it to us for safe recycling.

Saahas has been working with Esteem Royal apartment to help them manage both wet and dry waste. Earlier in July, we conducted an e-waste collection drive in this complex that involved the active participation of the residents in this community.


Ms. Sarah, a resident of Esteem Royale and member of the owners association was enthusiastic about conducting an e-waste awareness for the 110 households in the complex. We held an awareness session in June. Saahas had communicated to Ms. Sarah that the active participation of children is critical for the success of such programs. We thrilled to find many young children enthusiastically participate in the session on e-waste. Even the house keeping manager of the community, Mr. Christ Raj was part of this session.

Following our presentation we had an interactive session with the residents who had several queries on what we did with the waste we collected. Residents also shared their observations on Saahas’ s wet and dry waste collection process from their premises.

Following this session we shared Saahas’s posters on e-waste with Ms. Sarah and Mr. Christ Raj. We requested them to use these posters to create awareness among residents about the impact of e-waste on health and environment, as well as inform them about the proposed e-waste collection drive.

Mr.Christ Raj assigned a housekeeping staff to accompany the Saahas personnel to collect e-waste from every house. A tiring and time consuming effort but at the end of it, we managed to collect 76 kgs of e-waste.

Several enthusiastic residents who were not informed about this collection drive promised to get in touch with Saahas to hand over their e-waste at a later date.

Saahas greatly appreciates the initiative and support of Ms. Sarah and Mr. Christ Raj and the enthusiasm of the housekeeping staff who accompanied us to collect the e-waste.


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