Closing the Loop: From Food Waste to Food

It was a conscious effort by the school management to sensitise students and staff to waste and encourage both segregation at source as well as onsite waste management. Saahas is proud to be associated with Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home where we offer a complete onsite waste management program.

Nearly 4000 students study in this beautiful 23 acre campus on the edge of a forest, off Kanakapura Road. The school generates nearly 100 kgs. of food waste every day. Using the tank composting facility on site, Saahas has been managing the food waste on a daily basis.

In July this year, with the support of the school management Saahas decided to develop a vegetable garden on a 1000 sq. feet patch of land within the school campus. The compost generated in the school is now used to grow vegetables.

The vegetable garden at the school.

Our field staff took great pride in maintaining this vegetable garden and in just 6 weeks we have harvested nearly 30 Kgs of radish.

Kumarans radish3

We have also planted several other types of vegetables.

True learning happens when a schools teachers and management lead by example. At  Sri Kumaran’s Children Home; Saahas along with the school management has set an example to establish that waste is indeed a precious resource that needs to be effectively managed.




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