Recycled Chipboards- An alternative to Plywood

The Current Scenario:

The construction industry is a major source of pollution, responsible for about 4% of particulate emissions. Also, construction activities pollute the soil. At present, the construction and demolition waste generated is about 520 Million Tonnes annually. This C&D waste is not a waste, but a resource. Hence steps have now been taken to segregate this waste and deposit it to the collection centres for processing.

With almost fifty thousand architects and the scenario of new buildings being built every day, the only step to reduce the damage being done to the environment is by adopting “GREEN STRUCTURES”. It becomes necessary to adopt sustainable practices.

Choosing the Road Less Travelled:

Mrs. Deepa Vedavyasis an architect and a planner who moved to India in the year 2014 after residing in The United States for 14 years. She is the founder of “Ecopod Architects”, a full service architecture and interior design firm. She also has an excellent experience in Business Development as she was previously working in the capacity of Associate Director of Development at BADC, Cleveland.

According to Ar. Deepa, the word “recycling” is often misconstrued. She quotes an example from her days in the United States when bundles of cling-wrapped untouched books would reach the recycling centre to be shred for further recycling. This she recollects with utter shock. She strongly feels that unless and until a product cannot be reused or upcycled further, the concept of recycling shouldn’t enter the picture.

On the same lines, she also doesn’t approve of excessive usage of resources. She feels that the general mindset of people to equate an architect to extra expenses must be broken. She says, “A good architect is one who can break the conventions and adapt to the changing needs of the society as a whole.”

“Be the change you want to see” – Mahatma Gandhi

Ar. Deepa adopted this as the core principal of her architecture firm – Ecopod Architects. Ecopod Architects is a full-service architecture and interior design firm. Sustainable design and construction practices are considered as fundamental responsibility and a core value of the firm. Ar. Deepa believes that every space has a larger impact on the community. Hence her design focuses on minimal intervention, fresh ideas and functionality by creating spaces with users as the centre of creation. Regardless of the size of a project, her approach is to analyze the opportunities and constraints a project presents. She creatively integrates her unique designs and innovative approach by engaging skilled workforce, humane practices and superior quality of materials. Her strength lies in the pleasure that she derives out of designing simple things by giving due importance to all aspects of a project.

On the lookout for new and sustainable use of materials, Ar. Deepa came across Saahas Zero Waste (SZW) and its products. Appreciating the work done by SZW and all the products, she specifies her amazement towards the chipboards of SZW made from recycled Post Consumer Tetra Pak Cartons. She observed that these products were not streamlined in the market and hence wanted to be a facilitator to market these and make them wide known. These chipboards have been used by her in various projects.


A public space in Krishnagiri that was renovated has interiors made from SZW Chipboards.

“The natural colours and its sturdiness are notable characteristics”, she says when asked about her experience in using the products.



A private space in Krishnagiri in which the cupboards have been made from SZW chipboards.

SZW recognises Mrs. Deepa for her efforts towards the environment and the society, and looks forward to working with her in the future.


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