Pledge card signed by residents of Madhuban Brindavan

As a part of Saahas Zero Waste initiative, on the occasion of Earth Day, a team of student volunteers from IFIM Business School visited Madhuban Brindavan apartments in Koramangala, Bangalore, to conduct a door to door awareness campaign about the importance of waste segregation.

The students set out to first observe the waste segregation efforts practiced by the residents, and then visited each household in the apartment complex, along with pamphlets to explain the waste segregation do’s and don’ts. Effective waste management was discussed and the importance of segregation at source, to create a proper practice and a sustainable environment.

At Madhuban Brindavan, the garbage marshals have come up with a 2-bin 2-bag policy of waste segregation into wet waste, sanitary waste, paper and plastics. Further, the entire complex has stopped the usage of bin liners, and the Housekeeping staff were well equipped with PPE including gloves and spatula to ensure proper cleaning from the wet waste bins.

The wet waste is composted within the complex, in Aagas, whereas dry and sanitary waste is collected and processed by Saahas Zero waste. Currently, 90% of the dry waste coming from Madhuban Brindavan is getting recycled.

The active participation of the residents helps the housekeeping staff do their job well. Everyone involved in the chain, starting from the residents, housekeeping staff, to the waste handlers, have shown excellent coordination in helping to make this initiative a success for Madhuvan Brindavan.


Team IFIM at Madhuvan Brindavan apartments


Housekeeping collecting waste using 2 bin 1 bag system


Interaction and games with children


Team IFIM with children at Palm Springs


Next, the students visited Palm Springs, to conduct a similar awareness campaign. As part of this, an ‘art out of waste’ session for children aged 5-9 was conducted. The children led the volunteer team to the common room, where they were supposed to have an art exhibition that afternoon. Once settled in, the SZW team narrated an exciting story about the ‘Journey of a plastic bottle’ and gave handouts of the story to colour, along with crossword and puzzles about waste, which they jumped up to work on.

The children were extremely keen on accompanying the team door-to-door and took it upon themselves to explain to their neighbours about the methods of waste segregation and read out the contents of the posters. The residents too, were very warm and welcoming to the ideas presented.

Having children be a part of a campaign was very exciting as they tend to know almost everyone in the place they live, and this instils in them a sense of responsibility . Further, we hope to make them the leaders to ensure that Palm Springs apartment takes the steps to move towards becoming a zero waste complex

The residents signed pledge cards, as a symbol of their commitment towards bringing a positive change by doing proper waste segregation keeping their surroundings clean. Currently, 14% of wet waste and 25% of dry waste is still going as rejects from Palm Springs. With simple steps, we aim to further bring it down to less than 10% in the next couple of months.




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