Saahas Zero Waste in Seattle

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Saahas Zero Waste has the good fortune of having investors who constantly remind us of our commitment to real social impact. Upaya is one such investor ( The company is based in Seattle. It’s focus is on creating dignified livelihood options. Our labour intensive decentralised approach therefore aligns with its vision of job creation.

Last week, I was invited to speak at a fund raising Gala that Upaya organised for its support base in Seattle. This is now become an annual event and I was fortunate to be a part of the celebration and meet a large number of expats who continue to watch over India and are keen to contribute towards social causes including waste management

The Gala included an auction where hand painted, sarees, footwear and jewellery made in India was auctioned for considerable sums of money.

I was happy to see the presence of Saahas Zero Waste everywhere. The table which had picture cards of our field staff at work and simple facts about our capacity building and skilling programmes.

I also had the opportunity to explain our decentralised waste management approach which supports a circular economy. Seattle is home to Microsoft and Amazon and a large chunk of the audience were employees of these two large companies.

Both these companies have a significant presence in India. It will therefore be interesting to follow up with each of these companies and seek their endorsement of our decentralised waste management programme. We will look to partner with these companies to help them in their implementation of our progressive Indian legislation namely Extended Producer Responsibility.

The objective is to bring our zero waste solutions from a fringe player as it currently is into a mainstream process. This will then translate into big wins both for livelihood, health and environment.


Wilma Rodrigues
Founder and CEO


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