First ‘zero waste’ business park in Bengaluru


RMZ Corp, one of the leading real estate developers in the country today has partnered with Saahas Zero Waste, a socio-environmental startup that marks RMZ Corp as the first business park developer in India to run zero waste campuses with an intent to create community level involvement for effective waste management amongst its office campus.

To address the daunting issues of waste management in the city of Bangalore, RMZ Corp, in a significant boost to its vision and commitment to sustainability, has set up the infrastructure (total 9 units) in each of its building in its RMZ Ecoworld campus and RMZ Infinity campus (total 2 units) for dry and wet segregation to process waste onsite.

Segregated waste collected from clients in each building is aggregated at these units operated by Saahas Zero Waste onsite. The staff secondarily sort through the different wet waste (food or organic waste) and dry waste (recyclables). Wet waste is processed through natural composting systems and the compost generated is utilized on the campuses. Dry waste is sorted into categories and prepared for the recycling industry. The system has been successful because of RMZ’s commitment to eliminating mixed waste and Saahas Zero Waste processes at the units. This focus results in RMZ’s clients taking responsibility for the systems facing waste generators in office spaces on the campus.

Wilma Rodrigues, Founder and CEO of Saahas Zero Waste appreciates RMZ’s efforts. “There are several challenges in a multi- tenanted Tech-park but RMZ’s commitment to the zero waste program is evident in the fact that it keeps a close watch on the front end of the system where all companies housed within the tech park have to ensure that waste is segregated at source. Likewise  the back-end is well tied up whereby RMZ has provided  adequate infrastructure to ensure proper recovery and processing of wet and dry streams of waste.”

Thirumal Govindraj, Managing Director, Executive Management said “At RMZ Corp sustainability of environmental resources remain our significant area of focus. Through this initiative, we want to raise awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment by implementing some positive environmental actions like waste management in our urban assets.”

“We will be launching an end to end holistic waste management operations across our Bangalore portfolio in the next few months that will include all our urban assets Ecospace, Nxt and Centennial.

We have received great support from our tenant community in making this initiative fruitful for our Ecoworld and Infinity campus” he added.

Out of the 2 lakh tons of waste produced in India on a daily basis, Bangalore produces over 4,000 tons of waste per day. RMZ Ecoworld produces 4 tons of waste per day and RMZ Infinity produces daily 1.1 tons of waste per day. RMZ Corps partnership with Saahas Zero Waste, has enabled EcoWorld to significantly reduce its mixed waste from 50% to 15% in four months and its target is to bring this down to 10% in the coming quarter.






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