Kayaking for a cause – Chaliyar River Challenge


Our water bodies are being indiscriminately dumped with waste from households, construction sites and toxic effluents from industries. These rivers and lakes that were once a place for being one with nature, bird watching and enjoying water sports are now in a state of complete mess filled with plastic waste.

Even the remotest and isolated water samples taken from across the globe have microplastic beads present in them. It is estimated that by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic particles than fishes. It is already known that consumption of plastic as food kills thousands of birds and fishes annually!

Who is responsible for this?
ALL OF US who do not know where the waste that we generate on a daily basis ends up. It most probably ends up either burnt or in our water bodies.

It is time that we realize that the solution is in our hands. We can easily become part of the solution rather than the problem. This year, we at Saahas Zero Waste are partnering with Clean Rivers Initiative to spread awareness on responsible waste management and how it affects our rivers.

Chaliyar River Challenge is an annual fully guided river expedition of 68km over 3 days in the Chaliyar River, starting from Nilambur and ending at Beypore where the river meets the Arabian Sea.

The aim of this event is to promote our rivers for adventure tourism activities and attract local and international eco-tourism enthusiasts to our area. In addition, this event is equally aimed to promote usage of our rivers for leisure, watersports and thereby create awareness among people on the adverse effects of pollution in our waters and the need to keep it clean.

The event is followed by the Chaliyar Music Festival. Do join us there by registering for the event here.

We will share more stories about our 3 day kayaking adventure on the other side. Do write to us at info@saahaszerowaste.com in case you are interested in knowing more about us.



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