Meet our Superstar Supervisor


Supervisor Ramesh

Meet one of our top performing supervisors – Ramesh.

Living in Bangarapet with his family, he starts from his home as early as 6 AM for a long walk to railway station, the train journey and a bus ride to reach the unit on time. He reaches back home only by around 9 or 9:30 PM.

He joined Saahas Zero Waste in November 2015. He started off with only wet waste management at RMZ and now manages both wet and dry waste. He currently manages over 19 field staff at RMZ Ecoworld.

Earlier he used to feel uncomfortable to tell his friends and cousins that he was working with a waste management company. But now he feels proud to tell them that he is playing a significant part in cleaning the city and protecting the environment.

Before we had developed a customized app for data collection, he used to enter data daily in a register and enter the data in a excel before the monthly supervisor meeting. Now he is able to enter data of incoming waste, segregation levels, out going waste, field staff attendance etc real time using the app on his phone.

He is more confident about himself and does not shy away from interviewing before a camera even in English. He was ranked among the top 3 performing supervisors.

Ramesh’s charming smile warms everyone around him and his journey continues to inspire us.

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