Eco-friendly foosball table for every home


Being eco-friendly has become popular. It is a sign of a modern mind that is generous and takes care of the environment. That is one of the reasons why companies all over the glove are developing unusual green products. One of the most interesting green products I have encountered with is an eco-friendly game table. It is not an ordinary game table; it is a foosball table made out or cardboard.
The entire eco-friendly foosball story started in Germany, where two engineers decided to make an affordable and green game table. They chose foosball table because it was one of their favorite and very popular game tables.  They named it simple – Kartoni, a German word for cardboard.
The entire foosball table is made from two materials – cardboard and wood. The table doesn’t have a single metal or glass item on it, which is pretty impressive. There is one catch. This isn’t an ordinary cardboard, it is a double corrugated, made from recycled cardboard and, what is the most important, it is extremely durable and stable.
The majority of the table is made from cardboard but things like rods and ball are better when they are made from wood. There is no use in metal screws with this table because the table is brought together with special Origami technique. That means no glue, no scissors and definitely, no screws.
Now, we have to talk about some technical things. The table size fits regulations which mean it is a real foosball table. The players may not be counterbalanced, but you can customize them the way you like it. You can print your own foosball players and put them on wooden rods which give the table a special characteristic.
The entire table is very well made. You can see that it is a German product because the design and the quality is pretty impressive. The table has 3 cup holders on the corners so you can put your drink in a safe place. The fourth corner is made with one special purpose – it can be a speaker for your smartphone. That means you can listen to the music when you are having fun with your friends and that is pretty awesome.
You have to keep in mind that the quality of the game is great, but you can’t compare it with tournament foosball tables on the market. It may not have features like counterbalanced players or leg levellers, but it is definitely one of a kind foosball table that will provide you hours of fun. If you are looking for a green game table to incorporate into your game room, the search is over.
Author’s bio:
Mark is a foosball player who is sometimes too fixated on foosball and everything about foosball. To cure his fixation made a blog about foosball. There he writes his experience and knowledge about foosball and he loves to share that knowledge. If you are interested in checking out his work, visit



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