Can You Give Up ONE Plastic Article This Year, For Your Planet?

This June 5th, World Environment Day 2018, the UNE (United Nations Environment) appropriated theme was to Beat Plastic Pollution, by pledging to stop using any one kind of plastic and replacing it with an environment-friendly alternative.

The increase in plastic production, consumption, and waste is a matter that demands immediate attention. Plastic is everywhere and single-use plastics are increasingly filling up spaces in our landfills, oceans, and lives. Being a complex material of several qualities, cheaper plastics are extensively manufactured as single-use straws, PET bottles, polythene bags, etc.

India produces 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, of which only 60% is collected for recycling, with the remaining left littered. Each one of us is responsible for 2.8 kgs of littered plastic each year. Worldwide, 13 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year, which is equal to a truck-full every minute. That’s a lot of plastic!

On this occasion, we interacted with a number of people at 5 different corporate client locations in Bangalore to make this information more accessible to consumers. To also tackle the larger issue of waste beyond plastics, we displayed 30% of each of their wastes from the previous day and they were in disbelief.

We also conducted a number of fun activities designed to convey information on good waste management practices. ‘Crush for a Cause’ was to teach people to crush PET bottles the right way – from the cap to the bottom, in-wards – to save emissions by reducing space occupied by each bottle during transportation and to disable people from reusing the bottles.

The question we asked this year was, “Can you promise to give up ONE plastic article you regularly use?” We received 500 pledges in all and we were pleasantly surprised that a significant number of people had already given up certain plastics disposables, such as plastic straws, polythene bags and paper cups, by either discontinuing the items’ very use or replacing them with cloth/jute bags and travel mugs.

5 events could reach 500 people successfully, we hope this newsletter reaches out many more and encourages you to make the pledge

We urge you to join us and pledge to give up any one type of plastic for a more sustainable tomorrow. Write to us and let us know what you are giving up.

In UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ words, “Reject single-use plastic. Refuse what you can’t re-use.”




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